Designing A Fraternity Flag: Best Practices

If you belong to a fraternity, no doubt you have an official logo and maybe an official flag that your fraternity has already approved. However, you may be designing a different flag for a specific event or even just for fun. No matter the reason for the design, make the design a good one by following a few rules. Always Follow the Frat's Style Guide Fraternities usually have style guides that dictate what fonts and colors should be used in official designs. Read More 

Reasons To Sell Your Jewelry To A Pawn Shop Instead Of Through Your Local Online Classifieds

When you want to get some quick cash for your jewelry that you seldom use, there are a few different ways that you might approach selling these pieces. While many people automatically think about listing their items for sale in their local online classifieds, there's often a better way. Instead, think about visiting a couple pawn shops in your city and inquiring about your items. You'll have a pawn broker offer you a fair price, which you can then consider before you make your final decision. Read More 

Making Your Company’s Meetings More Effective

If you're running a large corporation, you and your employees are likely to have a number of meetings throughout the year. Scheduling conflicts and poor communication can affect how effective meetings are, so it's vital to improve on the process whenever you can. Using the guidance below, you can make your meetings better. Get Meeting Room Scheduling Software One obstacle to effective meetings for everyone in your company is being able to secure the appropriate meeting room and ensuring that everyone can get to the meeting. Read More 

Tips For Moderating Tinnitus Symptoms

If you've been struggling with the persistent sound of ringing or buzzing in your ears, it's a condition that's known as tinnitus. The noise can be quite bothersome, particularly in quiet spaces. While you're waiting for a visit with your audiologist for a hearing test, there are a few things that you can do that may help improve the symptoms. Identify Triggers Tinnitus is unique to each person who suffers from it. Read More 

Figuring Out How Many Extra Peptides To Order

If your lab is going through research peptides like they're going out of style, you of course have to keep ordering them over and over. Ordering extra is a good idea, but you have to be sure that the extra peptides won't expire, for lack of a better word. So you don't want to order too many because that would just be a waste, but you don't want to order too few because then you're stuck with more paperwork as you order more. Read More