Getting Your Local Business Community Involved in Your School’s Fundraising Activities

If you are a teacher in charge of raising funds for a class trip for your students, you are most likely looking for a fundraising program sure to make a lot of money for those selling wares or services in behalf of your school. One great way to help raise funds for a trip is by having your business community get involved in the process. Here are some fundraising ideas to consider which allow businesses in the area to participate in tandem with your students in getting much-needed money for your class trip.

Consider Getting Discount Cards Printed

One fundraising activity that benefits not only your students but also area small businesses is the printing of discount cards. These cards have perforated coupons on each sheet, with discounted rates for restaurants, attractions, and services in your area. To make this program effective, students would need to go to area businesses to ask for their permission to print a coupon on their behalf. The businesses will be able to select the rate of discount they wish to offer the public and they will have the benefit of added sales from those who purchase the cards. These cards can then be sold at the front of the school before and after hours, at school sporting events, or through raffles. 

Get Donations To Use For A Tricky Tray

Holding a tricky tray is another great fundraiser that allows the community to get involved in the process. Have students get donated items from local businesses and place like items in decorative tins, baskets, or containers. Each business can place a business card or small sign in their allotted basket for the fundraising activity. These will then be displayed on a table along with a small cup. At the time of the tricky tray event, those attending will purchase tickets with numbers upon them. The attendees will place the tickets in the corresponding cups of each basket that interests them. Tickets then will be selected to determine winners of the baskets. The business' information will be prominently displayed for all tricky tray attendees to read when they browse baskets to try to win.

Ask A Business To Sponsor Your Needs

Partnering with a business to raise money for your class can be a lucrative way to make money quickly. Ask a store or restaurant in the area if they would like to place signs in their windows asking community members to make a donation for your needs. They can offer a discounted rate for customers and the portion of this discount can be given to your class for their trip. Those who see the signs in the area may stop in to help out your class and the business will see an influx of sales as those in the community try to help your students with their endeavor. Using radio advertisements can also be an effective way to get people in the community to find out about the sponsorship, increasing the likelihood of donations as a result.

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