Ways A Telehandler Will Be Indispensable When Narrowing Down Construction Equipment For Rent

Regardless of the scope of the construction project you are about to embark on, specialized construction equipment is mandatory if you are to complete the work on hand efficiently and within the projected timelines. And while buying the construction equipment outright may seem like a logical investment, the reality of the matter is that these pieces of machinery are incredibly costly to acquire. A practical alternative for your needs would be to opt for renting the construction equipment. But with the vast array of machinery available, how do you narrow down which pieces of equipment will be invaluable for your worksite. A great place to start would be to hire a telehandler. Also referred to as a cherry picker, this lifting equipment is multifunctional, making it ideal for an array of applications on your construction site. Below are a couple of the ways a telehandler will prove indispensable when whittling down construction equipment for rent.

Superior Mobility

Construction sites can be incredibly messy. From building supplies to rubble, you can expect your site to be constantly covered in debris that would make it difficult for your workers to maneuver around the worksite easily. To mitigate this issue, a telehandler should be part of your construction equipment rentals for a few reasons. One characteristic of telehandlers is that they have dual-steering axles, and these components allow them to maneuver into hard-to-access areas. Hence, this equipment can navigate through hindrances while clearing the worksite. This is highly advantageous for your project since your workers can focus on their work without spending a considerable amount of time attempting to access tight spots on the construction site.

Terrain Adaptability

The second characteristic of telehandlers that makes them a must-have when deliberating on construction equipment rentals is their four-wheel-drive capabilities. As long as your construction project will involve excavating the site, you can rest assured that the ground will be bumpy and uneven. The four-wheel-drive capabilities of a telehandler ensure that this machinery can carry out the various tasks it is required for without having to be concerned about the state of the terrain. Secondly, telehandlers come with wide wheels that provide them with an increased load-bearing ability. Hence, the telehandler can transport heavy loads over rough terrain. It is also worth noting that telehandlers come with elevated ground clearance, which is great for navigating over large obstructions that could be in their way.

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