The Techniques That A Private Investigator Will Use To Track Someone Down

Are you having trouble locating someone so you are turning to a private investigator for help? If so, you'll want to know some of the techniques they will use to get the job done.

Paid Databases

The reason that you are having trouble finding someone is because you are limited to the free information that you have access to. There are databases that private investigators pay to have access to, which provide them with more resources that a typical person can't see. It allows them to dig into public records for utilities, phones, potential past addresses, known associates, relatives, and so on. This gives them a much better starting point to figure out where someone lives, where they are employed, and things that really narrow in on where they could be.

Social Media

You'd be surprised at how much information is out there on social media, and how that information can be gathered to provide an insight as to where someone is located. It starts by looking at known associates and any evidence that the person you're looking for has been in contact with them. This includes finding their name in status updates, finding evidence of the person in photos, and things of that nature. This can give an investigator a lead of who to follow to see if they are in contact with the person you're looking for. 

Motor Vehicle Records

Chances are that the person you are looking for has a car, and they are registered with a DMV somewhere. Each state has its own process regarding how to gain access to DMV information, and private investigators are going to be able to do this much faster than you could. Motor vehicle records can then provide the investigator with more information to further narrow in on where the person could be located. 

Vehicle Sighting Reports

If you know the kind of vehicle the person drives, the private investigator can use vehicle sighting reports to narrow in on where that person travels. These reports use public and private cameras to scan license plates, which are then compiled in a way that can be searched. You may be able to track down a vehicle that crosses an intersection at the same time every single day, which can be used to track that person back to their home or job.

Reach out to a private investigator to learn more about how they'll track down the person you are looking for.