6 Benefits Of Professional Tower Painting

Tower painters provide an invaluable service for townships, military installations, wireless providers,  and many other clients with structural towers. This guide will introduce you to six benefits of professional tower painting services for your business or organization.

1. Make a Better Impression

Business owners in the tourism and theme park industries know the importance of making a good impression on their guests. Tower painting can revitalize any structural tower and create an entirely new attraction for visitors. For large towers that are visible in your city's skyline, a new paint job can enhance the appeal of the entire township.

2. Remove and Prevent Rust

Originally, working against rust was the most difficult part of the tower painting job, and advanced levels of rust may have made restoration impossible. With modern techniques, however, tower painters can restore virtually any rusted tower to a like-new appearance. Sandblasting and "direct to rust" chemical removers are two common methods tower painters use.

In addition to removing existing rust, the products that tower painters use will help to prevent rust buildup in the future. An anti-corrosive primer is first applied to the metal. The tower can then be painted with a rust-resistant product such as epoxy seal spray paint to create a moisture-proof barrier. 

3. Remove Harmful Lead Paint

Towers that haven't been painted in decades may still be covered with lead-based paint. As you may know, lead-based paint poses severe health risks like seizures and neurological damage. Lead-based paint is a structural risk as well, as it is highly prone to cracking and peeling that can allow rust to attack your tower.

Simply removing lead-based paint is not enough. Your tower painters must have a plan in place to contain lead paint particles during removal to prevent environmental contamination. Your tower painting contractor will follow all EPA regulations regarding containment and removal of lead during the project.

4. Receive a Safety Inspection

Tower painters must perform a full safety inspection of any structural tower before they can begin their work. Many contractors will schedule an initial appointment to perform the inspection before the day of painting. This step is essential to ensure the safety of workers during the painting process, and it is a boon for the owner of the structure as well.

During a safety inspection, your tower painters will look for signs of frayed wiring, animal nests or droppings, and other common problems. After a safety inspection, you will have peace of mind that there are no hidden fire hazards and that your tower is structurally sound.

5. Fireproof Your Tower

After ensuring that there are no existing fire hazards, tower painters can use intumescent paint to add a fire retardant coating to your structural tower. This is especially beneficial for structures in hot, dry climates or for manufacturing facilities.

6. Comply With Regulations

The FCC enforces regulations regarding lighting, painting, and visibility of antenna towers that may interfere with air navigation. Tower painters can assist you with adding the necessary visibility marks to your tower so that it complies with FCC recommendations.

By regulation, towers must be marked with a banded pattern in a particular shade known as aviation orange. The number of bands that are required will depend on the height of the tower. Additionally, an annual inspection is required to assess paint fading on any marked towers. Tower painters can help to ensure your markings are within tolerance before your annual inspection.

Tower painting provides many unique benefits for structural towers. If you are the owner of a tower that is in need of a update, contact a local tower painting contractor today.