4 Important Things to Consider While Designing Custom Circle Stickers for Your eCommerce Shipments

When you have an eCommerce store, the shipments you send out are directly reflective of your company. Including something as simple as a sticker with your brand's logo on a shipping container or product package can do a lot to establish brand identity. As you design custom circle stickers for your eCommerce shipments, here are a few important things to consider. 

Does your design come with border options?

With custom circle stickers, you can go with a borderless design, a design with a border that sort of finishes the look, or you can bleed imagery all the way to the edge of the sticker. While every style has its place, some stickers are going to look far better with a border than others. For example, if you are creating a simple logo sticker to add to the exterior of a shipment, a border can make the sticker more visible. 

What font will look well with the rounded shape?

When designing your custom circle stickers, you will likely have a wide selection of fonts to choose from for your lettering or logo. Keep in mind that some fonts are easier to read than others, especially on a round sticker. For example, something like Times New Roman can work well, but a script-style typeface may not stand out so well. Play around with different font styles and determine which shapes offer the most legible and noteworthy text. 

Should your text be embossed?

Embossing the text can make it further stand out on your circular stickers. Basically, embossing involves raising the shape of text from the surface of the sticker. The end result can be a more pronounced appearance, which can make certain parts of your logo more visible. 

What material should the sticker be made out of?

Think about how your stickers will be used. Will you be sealing a package with the sticker so it will be exposed to the elements? Will you be adding the sticker to the product package simply for marketing purposes? The answers to these types of questions can help you pick what type of material the sticker should be made out of. For example, a sticker on the outside of a box should be made from something relatively resilient to wear and moisture, such as vinyl. However, a sticker for purely decorative purposes inside of a shipment or on a product package can be made out of basic paper with a matte finish.