Why Your Network or Computer Room Needs a Commercial Grade Power Backup

If your company is like most, you depend on technology and the internet to help you get the job done. As your company grows, you may begin to install your own network or servers, connecting more and more computers and computer accessories to your network over time. Your building may have some sort of backup power, but can you guarantee that it will kick on fast enough to keep your network and computers from going offline for even a second?

For the best results, it's best to invest in an uninterruptible power supply. For a business like yours, a commercial-grade solution like Vertiv UPS systems or one from a similar competitor may be the way to go. Here's why your company can greatly benefit from a quality UPS system.

Don't Lose Your Data for Even a Minute

Does your company work with a large amount of customer or company data that is uploaded to servers? Hopefully, you have it backed up in more than one place, but a sudden power outage or even a power surge could leave you scrambling to recover critical files if your entire network or server room goes down. A UPS ensures that your network or server room stays online 100 percent of the time so there will be no need for any frantic scrambling today or any other day in the future.

Do You Really Want to Reboot Hundreds of Computers or Dozens of Servers? 

If the size of your operation is especially large, you may have hundreds of employees all on their own computer at the time of the outage, with all computers pulling information off of multiple servers in your network room. If the entire operation just goes down, it's going to at the very least take your entire building some time to get things back to where they were. This could cost you precious man-hours and put current projects behind their ideal timeline. Your IT guys are also not going to enjoy having to walk to the server or network room to manually reboot everything that went offline.

Keep Your Security Protections Online

Keeping the power on in your building could also be a matter of security. If you've had an IT team install special software that is constantly tracing your network for signs of hackers or other intruders, you don't want those systems to go down for any reason if you can help it. A sudden power surge that takes your system offline could actually be the start of a coordinated attack by an outside hacker, with the surge designed to put your security on the fritz. Then, the hackers will try to get in before your security systems in the IT space fully reboot. With a UPS system installed, you'll have peace of mind from knowing that this simply won't happen to you.