Some Uses For Mailing Tubes

If you ship items to consumers, then the type of shipping you choose can be more important than you realize. Have you ever ordered something delicate only to have it get to you broken in a thin cardboard box? Or, have you ever ordered something small only to have it delivered in a huge box you then had to break down and dispose of? Have you ever ordered something that shouldn't have been bent and received it smashed and bent in a shipping container way too small for it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you already know how important the right shipping container is, and you want to remember this when preparing your own customers' items to be shipped. Some shipping packages you may want to have on hand are mailing tubes. Here are some examples of things they can be used for and why they should be used for those items:

Ship posters, blueprints, and large photographs

If you are going to be shipping something like posters, blueprints, or large photographs, then you need to send them without folding them which can cause damage. There are different sizes of mailing tubes, so you can find the right size of tubes for the items you are shipping without mailing them with a lot of wasted space, which just doesn't look professional. 

Ship fishing poles 

If you are going to be mailing fishing poles, then you will find mailing tubes to be the perfect things for you to ship them in. There will be enough room for the fishing pole and packing material to make sure they don't move around a lot while in transit, which can cause them to get scratched or damaged in other ways. 

Ship pool cues

Like fishing poles, custom pool cues are something that people tend to really check over when they open their package, and they do not want to see damages. In fact, special care should be taken with the mailing tube and the packing material to make sure the pool cue doesn't move because it needs to be straight and if it has any curvature or other issues, then you can expect to get it sent back to you. Mailing tubes are especially great to send pool cues in. 

Golf club

If you need to mail a golf club, then you want to have a mailing tube available for this as well. Packing the golf club in the tube with shipping material ensures there won't be scratches, and sending it in the tube means you won't be wasting space by sending it in a box.