A Low Intensity Training Program

Pilates stretches and strengthens your muscles because this exercise regimen consists of slow, repetitive movements. Unlike high intensity workouts, which require participants to jump around and execute varying movements, Pilates workouts tend to be focused and require rhythmic breathing. If you are interested in beginning a new fitness regimen that will aid you in losing weight and toning up your body, explore Pilates to determine if you would like to enroll in a training program.

Beginner Classes

A fitness center, a privately-owned exercise studio, or an adult education center are three places where pilates classes may be offered. An advanced pilates class often utilizes seating and standing devices, which will ensure that the body's form is executed properly and to increase resistance during each exercise. For beginners, a mat or a sliding platform are often used during each session. A mat is typically thicker than the type of mat that is used in yoga classes and will absorb shock as leg lifts, stretches, or twisting movements are executed. Some beginner classes omit a sliding platform and this type of training aid is not introduced until a set of basic exercises have been introduced and mastered. A sliding platform has pulleys or hand devices secured to it, which will provide resistance during the execution of a pilates move. While standing on a platform, an individual will need to pay close attention to their balance, since the platform will slowly move from side to side. 

Fitness Gear and Focus

A leotard, stretchy gym shorts, and a shirt, or similar attire that is form fitting should be worn during your pilates sessions. Tight, stretchy clothing will help your instructor determine if you execute each movement properly. After enrolling in a class, purchase a mat or a sliding platform, if you have been instructed to do so. During your initial session, you will be taught the proper way to breathe during each exercise. You may need to hold your breath at various intervals or be instructed to count while breathing in or out. The breathing needs to correspond with each movement and this can be tricky to coordinate, until you have practiced several times. Focus on your movements and try to move at the same speed as your instructor.

Because you will be stretching and twisting throughout the training session, you will probably experience soreness the following day. This soreness will lessen as you improve your strength and become accustomed to your Pilates Training sessions.