What Happens If You Decide To Jump Bail?

One of the benefits of being released from jail on bail is that you have freedom before you need to appear in court for your hearing. However, not showing up to court is known as jumping bail, and it does have consequences. Here is what you can expect to happen to you if you jump bail. 

You'll Lose Your Bail Money 

The consequence that you are going to feel the most is losing the money that you handed over to be released on bail. If you put up your personal money, that could leave you in a serious financial hardship. If you used a bail bondsman, there can be serious consequences related to the agreement that you have with them.

You'll Lose Your Collateral

Using a bail bondsman requires that you provide some sort of collateral since you are only paying a fee to the bondsman in exchange for getting the bail money you need. If you jump bail, that collateral that you provided could legally go to the bondsman. 

You'll Have A Warrant Out For Your Arrest

Once you miss your court date, you'll have a warrant out for your arrest. You'll be immediately brought to jail if you are found by the police, which can happen during something as simple as a traffic stop. Once you are put back in jail to await your hearing, you won't be able to request an early release on bail again. You'll end up having to wait out your time until you can see a judge or pay a much higher bail amount for release.

You'll Have A Bounty Hunter Come After You

If you used a bail bond, know that the bondsman can hire a bounty hunter to find you and bring you back to jail. The bondsman will do this because they want to receive their bail money back, and they can do so by fulfilling the warrant and returning you to jail. A bounty hunter can track you down at home, your job, or any places that you are known to be at.

You'll Face More Charges

The act of jumping bail is going to result in more crimes with associated punishments, which can make your legal situation much worse than if you just showed up to court as directed. If you think you can get by without facing any consequences, know that it will eventually catch up to you.

For more information about bail, contact a local bail bond agent.