3 Ways Cloned Toner Cartridges Can Compromise Your Copier

The copy machine is one of the most widely used pieces of office equipment in today's professional landscape. Without access to a functional copier, it would be almost impossible to mass-produce documents or scan important information to a computer hard drive.

Toner cartridges are used by copy machines to help produce the copies requested by a user. Replacing tone cartridges is a task that is conducted on a regular basis in all busy office environments.

You may be tempted to save a few bucks by investing in a cloned toner cartridge from an off-brand rather than purchasing an original OEM cartridge replacement. Doing so could have disastrous consequences.

1. Reduced Page Capacity

Any potential savings you may enjoy when buying an off-brand toner cartridge can be negated by the reduction in page capacity associated with cloned cartridges. The ink particles contained within a cloned toner cartridge are not perfectly round. This means that fewer particles can be squeezed into the cartridge, reducing the number of copies that can be made with each cartridge. You could actually end up spending more when using cloned cartridges because you will have to replace them much sooner than you would OEM replacement toner cartridges.

2. Toner Leaks

You might not see the danger in reduced page capacity, but the harmful side effects of using a cloned toner cartridge don't stop there. Cloned cartridges are usually not made to the same standard as OEM cartridges. This means that the cloned versions are not capable of standing up to the heat and repeated use generated by a busy copy machine.

A cloned toner cartridge can easily break open, allowing ink dust to spill out into your copy machine. Ink dust can leave stains on carpeting and table surfaces, and it can seriously jam your copy machine. Cleaning up after a toner cartridge leak takes time and renders your copier useless for hours on end. OEM toner cartridges are less likely to break open and wreak havoc on your copy machine.

3. Component Wear

Even when a cloned toner cartridge doesn't leak, the amount of ink released by the clone for each copy can be excessive. Ink dust can travel throughout your copy machine, settling on roller wheels and the fuser that heats the ink and adheres it to the page. Image quality may suffer as a result, and you may notice premature wear of the rollers or fuser.

Working with a managed print provider to access OEM toner cartridges will help you extend the life of your copy machi ne components.