Planning to Sell Baked Goods at the Farmers’ Market? Tips for You

When you have decided to start your own small baked goods business, you might be wondering how you should get your business off the ground. One of the ways you can jump-start your business is to make your goods at home and sell them at your local farmers' market. However, if you have never undertaken such a project before, you might not know what you can or should do as you get started. Learn a few tips that can help when you are planning to sell baked goods at a farmers' market. Then, you can be sure that you do as well as possible in your new baking business endeavor. 

Make Sure You Look the Part

Appearances are important when you are working face-to-face with customers and trying to sell your baked goods. You need to look the part of a seasoned chef and baker when you are doing so. 

As such, it would be a good idea to come up with a uniform. Include chef-style aprons as a part of your outfits. This will help distinguish you from the customers and give your whole business a professional vibe. You can even customize the aprons with your business name and/or logo on them to further the effect. 

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Get a Tent or Awning with Bright Colors

You want to draw attention to your stand at the farmers' market to draw in more potential customers. One of the best ways to do that is with your tent or awning. This will help people to see you in general but will also aid in brand recognition for return customers that want to buy more of your baked goods. 

Look for a tent or awning that has bright colors, a unique pattern, or a combination of the two. If possible, you can match your logo colors with your tent or awning to further unify your brand. However, being completely matching is not necessary when you are in a farmers' market environment. Visibility is more important. 

Make Sure Your Tables Are Well Stocked

You want to make sure when you are selling at a farmers' market that it looks like you have an abundant supply of goods. A sparse-looking table will leave visitors unsure about your products and could cause you to lose customers. 

A table that is full and bountiful is more appealing and will draw people to your booth. If necessary, start with a smaller stand or booth until you build up a larger customer base. Then your tables will still look full and stocked, but you won't need as many items to fill them. 

Now that you know a few tips to help you when you are planning to sell baked goods at the farmers' market, you can get the process started right away.