Building The Best Breakfast Cafe & Menu: Dos & Don’ts To Remember

Breakfast, in general, has become less and less about gathering around the kitchen table in the morning and more about grabbing something on the way to work, school, or other responsibilities. If you are planning to open a breakfast cafe in your location, there is no doubt that this business can be a successful one. However, when you are creating an eatery that specifically caters to one meal of the day, there is a little room for error. Take a look at some of the dos and don'ts to keep in mind as you work to establish your new business. 

Do: Build a traditional breakfast menu with the basics people will be looking for. 

Breakfast is almost a timeless sort of meal, and there are certain things that customers that come into a breakfast cafe will be looking for. For instance, not having something like waffles or pancakes on the menu is going to seem absurd to some customers. Make sure your menu is sprinkled with ample traditional breakfast items no matter how modern or trendy your cafe is planned to be. 

Don't: Isolate your customer base by restricting hours too heavily. 

Most people will eat breakfast at a certain time: sometime in the morning before lunch. However, there are going to be people looking for breakfast earlier than usual and even beyond lunchtime. If you restrict your hours of business too conservatively, you can accidentally eliminate complete sections of the community that eat at outside-of-usual hours. 

Do: Incorporate your own creative breakfast items to establish your brand. 

Establishing your brand in a restaurant niche as traditional as breakfast can be hard to do, but it is an important thing to work toward. Even though you want your menu to boast the timeless foods most people are going to be looking for like bacon and eggs, it is important to put your own spin on things as well. The breakfast cafes with something unique to offer usually garner a lot of attention. 

Don't: Stretch your menu too far beyond breakfast. 

Adding a few sandwiches, soups, or other lunch-related items to your breakfast cafe menu is perfectly fine to do. However, if you are going to have an around-the-clock business that serves all meals to the masses, a breakfast cafe is not really what your designation should be. It is easier to build success with one primary foothold in a niche if your customers get access to what they expect when they stop in.