Residential Water Treatment Myths Refuted

Drinking, cooking and washing with dirty or low-quality water can lead to a variety of health issues and quality of life problems. Water treatment systems are an effective way of combating these issues, but there is ample misinformation when it concerns residential water treatment systems. Keep reading to learn more about what information is reliable and what isn't. 

Myth: It Is Only Necessary To Use Water Treatment Systems If Your Home Uses A Water Well

One of the more common and persistent misconceptions about water treatment systems is that they are only suitable for homes that use water wells. While it is common for water wells to use a treatment system, it can also be beneficial for homes that get their water from the local water grid. The quality of the water that is supplied to your home will largely be determined by the source for the water along with the condition of the pipes. Some areas will have water with higher mineral or sediment content levels, and a water filtration system may be able to remove these substances.

Myth: The Water Treatment Process Will Result In More Clogs And Lower Water Pressure

The performance impact of adding a water treatment system to a home's plumbing system is often drastically overstated. Most individuals will notice little to no change in the overall performance or reliability of their home's plumbing system. This is due to the ability to size the water treatment system to the needs of the home. For example, a home that is occupied by a large family may need a water treatment system that is designed with a high capacity.

Myth: A Water Treatment System Will Be Extremely Loud

Due to the amount of water that is processed and the need for powerful pumps, there is a concern that water treatment systems may be loud enough to be heard in the home. In most instances, this is not a concern, as these systems are designed to be quiet and are usually installed in isolated areas of the home. For those in homes with thin walls or flooring, it is possible to add insulation around these systems to reduce the noise from them, but you should only let an experienced technician perform this type of soundproofing, as it can be easy to inadvertently clog the vents that prevent the system from overheating.

Myth: A Standard Water Treatment System Filters All Potentially Harmful Substances From The Water

If there are particular contaminants that are impacting your home's water, it will be necessary to make sure that the water treatment system you buy will be able to remove them. For example, if your home has a sediment problem with its water, there are filtration systems that are designed to remove large amounts of sediments. Those with mineral issues may need a system that can remove the excess mineral from the water. A water quality test can help you to determine the exact filtration needs for your home. 

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