Tips For Packaging Clothes To Sell

If you are the owner of a small online store that sells clothing, there is a good chance that you are going to need to ship your clothing to your customers. You might not know the best way to package the different clothing that you are shipping so that you are able to ensure that it reaches the customer looking great. Here are some tips for packaging clothing to sell so that it doesn't cost too much and still looks great.

1. Consider Bagging Shoes

If you are sending shoes to your customers, consider taking the shoes and placing them inside of a cheap canvas bag that has the name of your company on it, as well as the logo. This will still protect the shoes and will reduce the costs of shipping because the bag will weigh less and be able to fit in a smaller shipping box than a whole shoe box will. By providing a cute, branded drawstring bag, you can also increase the number of products that have your name and logo on them that are out in the world, allowing you to increase the amount of free advertising you receive.

2. Package Shirts in Individual Bags

Consider purchasing a plastic bag wrapper for your folded shirts. This will help them maintain their folded shape, which will significantly reduce the number of wrinkles that the shirts will develop before they finally reach the customer. Getting the clothing to your customers looking as good as possible will help decrease the number of returns that you have to process.

3. Use Poly Mailers Whenever Possible

If you are not shipping anything bulky or if you are only shipping a few items, try to use poly mailers whenever you can. These are plastic-lined envelopes that seal with a strip of adhesive. You want to try to use these because they will reduce the weight of the item that you need to mail since they are relatively lightweight. Because clothing is not particularly fragile, you can use the lightweight, minimal-protection packaging material without worrying about your product being damaged.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in packaging supplies for small businesses. They will likely be able to provide you with the supplies that you need for a far smaller price than if you had to purchase things separately. Try to buy in bulk for the best prices.