6 Benefits Of Using An Administrative Staffing Service

Using a staffing service to fill your administrative support staff vacancies has many benefits for your business. Outsourcing the recruiting and hiring of front office staff, executive assistants, data entry assistants, and other administrative professionals can save your business time and money, while reducing stress for you and your staff. Here are six major benefits of using an administrative staffing service:

Better Options

An administrative staffing service has a wide network of pre-qualified job candidates. Instead of having to sort through hundreds of resumes from an online job posting, most of which are from unqualified or inappropriate candidates, your staffing agency will quickly pinpoint the absolute best candidates for the specific administrative job you have open. Your new administrative staff members will be properly vetted, ensuring the most experienced, motivated, and professional options to choose from.

Outsider Perspective

When you've run your own business for many years, it is natural to develop a few blind spots when it comes to hiring staff. An outside administrative staffing service can help identify areas of your recruitment and staffing process that could use some adjustment. Perhaps your offered pay rates or benefits packages aren't keeping up with your area's norms, which is leading to lower quality applicants. Your administrative staffing service can help determine if you need to adjust your offerings or expectations and offer helpful guidelines.

Reduced Turnover

A high rate of turnover is disruptive for your staff, causes you to lose money and time training administrative team members who don't stick around, and makes your HR department spend more time than they should on recruiting and hiring. By going through an administrative staffing service, you will ensure that your new administrative candidates are truly interested in the job and a great match in regards to both skills and temperament.

The thorough screening processes offered by administrative staffing services help weed out job candidates who are not serious about working for your company or not an appropriate match, leading to lower turnover and higher retention.

Less Time Training

Administrative staffing services spend time on training and testing to ensure that your support staff team members are already skilled at typing, scheduling, answering phones, entering data, drafting emails, managing your calendar, and any other tasks that are needed. Your new team members will show up with well-honed administrative and computer skills, reducing your need to spend weeks or months training and getting them up to speed.

Streamlined HR Department

Once you switch to an administrative staffing service, you will probably find that your HR department becomes much more productive. Instead of spending all their time posting job listings, scouring resumes, setting up interviews, and trying to fill in the employment gaps caused by vacancies, they can spend more time on tasks that contribute to your business's goals and revenue generation.

Your HR staff can become more streamlined and efficient, and they can finally get to all those projects that keep getting shelved due to staffing emergencies. In some cases, your new administrative staffing service can even help take care of tasks like benefits administration and background checks for new staff members, streamlining things even further.

Vacancies Filled Faster

Vacancies lead to reduced productivity, lost revenue, and a staff that is stressed out and spread too thin while trying to cover the work of missing staff members. In fact, studies have shown that the average vacancy costs a company $14,000 for every three months the job sits empty.

Obviously, it pays to fill vacancies as quickly as possible, which is one reason an administrative staffing service is worth its weight in gold. Your administrative positions will be filled quickly so that your office remains productive and your workflow does not suffer any major interruptions.

By using an administrative staffing service, like Optimum Solutions, you can experience these benefits for yourself.