How Your Workforce Aiding In A Move Will Make The Move Smoother

If your office is moving from one building to another, you may be tempted to hire movers to get the office packed and put things together in the new space. Instead of hiring movers, it may be a better idea to get the entire office to come together to pack up all items and make a move. Instead of hiring movers, rent a box truck and have your office aid in the move together during the workday. Here are some reasons why having your office pack and move together will make things much smoother. 

Workers know what goes where

The best people to pack up a space in an orderly fashion are those who know the space well. By having your workers come together and get things in order, they can keep like materials and items that belong in specific areas packed together. When you get to the location to unload your box truck rental, you will also be able to immediately move things to the appropriate spot. In order to make this transition easy, go over the floor plan and where the office furniture and supplies will be moved with all of your employees. 

Employees can still be paid

If you need to move your office, this can mean that you need to close down the company for a little while. Since employees will be off, those who are hourly employees or paid per day may have to take some forced time off and decrease income. This can cause strain on some employees budget, depending on how long the move will take. Instead of having employees take a forcible leave, allow them to come in and pack. This will allow employees to continue to make money each day and it will mean that you do not have to hire any professional movers. 

Everyone gets to learn the new path to the new office

If you all pack up your box truck rental together, everyone can get into a car and travel from the old office to the new office. For those who were still confused about the location of the new office space, they will be able to see the new traveling path. This can help your workers orient themselves to the new direction that they may need to take to get to the office. It also decreases any confusion as to the address and actual location of the office space.