A Closer Look At The Advantages Of Employer-Offered Group Home And Auto Insurance Plans

If your employer has a comprehensive benefits package, you will no doubt have access to a good health insurance plan. However, one benefit many employees are often surprised to see offered by their employer is an option to accept enrollment in a group auto and home insurance policy. Employers commonly offer group insurance coverage beyond just basic health as an attractive perk of being employed by the company. Even though this form of group plan may not be something you are familiar with, it is definitely worth taking a look. There are a handful of advantages for enrolling in an employer-offered group auto and home insurance plan. 

You will likely pay less for home and auto insurance as part of a group plan. 

Group plans are almost always more affordable than just shopping for home and auto insurance policies on your own, much like the difference would be if you were to invest in your own individual health insurance policy. Because the plan is offered to a group, the insurance company usually provides a substantially lower rate. In some cases, the company you work for pays a portion of the premiums on your behalf, which can make the costs even less than usual. 

Enjoy the benefit of having your home and auto insurance premiums deducted from your pay. 

Just as it is with employer-provided medical insurance, if you sign up for a group home and auto insurance policy through your employer, you can have the premiums deducted from your pay along with the other withholdings. This is a major convenience for a few reasons. For one, you will not have to be concerned with taking the time to pay your insurance online or send in payments. Two, you will usually pay less at one time than if you were paying monthly because most people are paid more than one time in a month. which means the premium would be deducted in part with each paycheck. 

You still have complete control over your policy options.

Many employees skip out on group benefit plans with home and auto insurance because they assume they have to settle with whatever is provided when it comes to policy options. However, even as a group benefit holder, you have the same access to policy options as if you were an individual customer. If you want to adjust coverage levels, you can. You can even still get discounts for being a good driver or long-term customer with some insurance companies if you are a part of a group benefit plan. 

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