3 Myths About Home Security Systems

Some families are missing the home security they need because they have received the wrong information. If your family and home are not protected with a home security system because of myths you have heard, it is time to learn more about the reality of protecting your home. Here are some of the most commonly believed myths about home security systems and the truth. 

Home Security Is Expensive

The idea of a home security system seems expensive, but in reality, it is not. Many locksmiths can install a home security system that fits within your budget and provides you with the security your family and home needs. 

As an added bonus, your homeowner's insurance provider might provide you with discounts for having a system in place. Contact your provider and find out which security systems meet the qualifications to receive a discount. With this information, you and your locksmith can narrow down your choices and find a system that is right for you. 

Home Security Systems Do Not Work in Power Outages

Newer wireless systems do not have the same reliance on your home's wiring as wired systems. Wireless systems can often still connect to the alarm company's system via cellular technology even if the phone lines are down. 

The systems have backup power support with batteries, which means that regardless of whether or not the power is on in your home, the system is still functional and protecting your home. If something happens, the system will still alert the security company or you. 

Paid Monitoring Is Required With a Security System

In the past, home security systems usually required a monthly or annual payment to an alarm security company for monitoring activity at your home. However, advances in technology means that this is no longer required. 

Your system can be set up so that you can monitor. Your system can send you alerts through a phone call, text, or email regarding your home's security. If you have surveillance cameras set up at your home, you can even use apps to view your home in real-time. If there is an issue, you can alert local law enforcement just as an alarm security company would. 

The wrong information about home security systems should not leave your family and home vulnerable. Consult with a locksmith to find out the realities of having a home security system and to learn more about which system would be best for your home. Contact a business, such as Pinnacle Lock & Safe, for more information.