How To Choose A Quality Moving Box

When you pack up your belongings for a move, the box you put your stuff in is just as important as how you pack the box. For example, you can use all the packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and other protective materials you want, but if your box collapses, you can still break fragile belongings. Thus, when you choose boxes for your move, you need to know what goes into building a durable, crush-resistant box. 

The Components of the Box

A box contains three basic components: the inner liner, the medium (or layer of corrugated card stock), and the outer liner. Each layer plays a role in making the box durable. To make sure that you are getting a durable box, you need to inspect each layer and make sure it is designed to handle the weight and stacking requirements of your move. 

Inspect the Liners

The inner and outer liner are usually made from a piece of card stock. Two factors go into making a durable piece of card stock. The first factor is the type of wood fiber that the paper is made from. If you buy the box from the manufacturer, you can ask them how they split the wood fibers to make paper. Chemical processes typically leave the fibers in better condition than mechanical processes, which means you get stronger, more resilient paper. If you don't know who the manufacturer was, you can't ask them about their paper-making process. If you are not working directly with the manufacturer, look at the thickness of the card stock. The thicker the card stock is, the more durable the box will be. 

Analyze the Medium

A corrugated box gets its name from the wavy look of the card stock medium, or middle layer. The waves give the box puncture and crush resistance. You should be able to see a cross section of the box's construction by looking at the end of one of the flaps. The most durable boxes will have a high number of waves per square inch. You should also look at how tall the waves are. The taller the waves are, the more durable the medium.

If you are trying to gather your own boxes, you will need to inspect each box to make sure it is made from thick, durable materials. You also need to make sure that none of the components have been compromised. Remember that boxes are made for different purposes, and then buy or collect only boxes that can hold up to the rigorous demands of moving. Contact a company like Associated Paper & Supply for more information.